Frugal Fam: Wherever We or You Are

So where do we stand? With the USA scoring higher in family friendly and saving money and the UK scoring significantly better in environmentally friendly and especially healthier living. As I said when this journey began last week, I have learned through many disappointments that no place is perfect. That home really is where the heart is…the heart being the people you love most.

So as I consider the move in a couple of years back to the USA, it is with mixed feelings. Besides the Frugal Fam core values there are other things to consider. I have learned to appreciate as never before the true value of being a loud American. I have grown to have greater pride in my homeland than I had in a long time (of course, the election didn’t hurt).  I am happy that in the USA we are not ashamed or afraid to complain, but I am even prouder to say that those complaints are taken seriously.

But there are intangibles about the UK, which I will miss as well. My butchers, the Tony’s, a father and son team that hand prepares our meat each Saturday morning…and whom I call friends. It is nice too to know that when you go to the corner store to purchase a paper each morning you will be greeted by the owners, the Patel’s. That type of small town service has long since disappeared with its Wal-Marts and 7-Elevens.

The wonderful thing about the Frugal Fam values is that it is all about the family…no matter where you are. Even if we found ourselves in another totally strange place with a bit of effort and an iron will, we could and would find ways to put our family first, save money, be more environmentally friendly and live healthier.

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