The Greatest Waste

I have written often about waste; how I reduce, re-use and recycle. Today I want to speak to you about a different type of waste…wasting of our minds and talents. I am late getting my blog out today, because I did a Parents Coffee Morning at my daughter’s nursery. Over a dozen of the parents stopped for coffee, tea, fruit and muffins. It was a wonderful chance to get to know one another. But once again I was struck by the amazing gifts and talents that lie untapped; the skills we lack the will apply.

I found the same with the community garden group we are forming on our estate. There is the gentleman that has been growing things on his patio for years. There is also the pensioner, who was once a farmer in Zimbabwe before as he says…they decided he was the wrong shade of green. We even have an environmentalist from another local council.

So where was all that talent? Why do we sit inside our little homes…and minds…complaining, waiting for others to do something? Why do we always expect it to be someone else whose does great things? Or worse yet wait for government to do it for us?

My talent is grass-roots community organising and fundraising. I am using that talent to help my daughter’s nursery, to get a community garden started on our council estate and to write an e-course for other organisations so they can achieve more.

My talent is also my children. With two-thirds of mine now grown, I find that I receive joy by helping others to not make the same mistakes I did when I was younger. I do this through my roles as a doula, through my writing and mentoring other parents. I also have a bit of skill as a homemaker, which I share with all of you through my blog.

But the shame is all the untapped potential I see all around me. I get the distinct feeling all the world’s problems could be solved if each of us just used a bit more of our talents. So what is your talent?  What could you do to make money…or just make your neighbourhood a better place? Why aren’t you doing it? I challenge each of you to think about this…ways you could change the world if only a little.

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