Saving Money…

I don’t know about you, but this one is always a big challenge for me. It sometimes seems the harder I the more month there is at the end of the money. But since I have not worked full-time in almost a year, this core value has taken on increasing importance to our family.

Most of our efforts have been in small, every day things. For instance, for the past few months hubby has taken his lunches rather than eating out. We have also installed the new electricity saving bulbs in ALL our lights. We have purchased a power saving box for our digital items such as satellite and computers. Of course, we have started to line dry our clothes and cut back on heating as well.

I have regularly shared my struggles with grocery shopping in this blog. Even though we have gotten our weekly bill down, it still is not low enough. Once my garden begins to come in then hopefully it will go lower still. And my escapades in the local charity shops are legendary…Free Cycle as well.

But despite this and some creative negotiating with my bank for 0% interest on my accounts, we continue to struggle. I once had a pastor that said it well…When your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep becomes your downfall. We do have plans to move in a few months, which will virtually solve the problem. But until then, we continue…like many other families…to struggle.

Of course, as with anything the true test does not always come during times of fire such as these, but in the calm afterwards. I hope to continue the same high standards of thrift we are developing now. If we manage to do so, then we will be able to save quite a great deal of money each month.

I would love to hear from others of you on things you are doing to Save Money.

One response to “Saving Money…”

  1. Since I could not break my “latte” a day habit, I watched craigslist for a cheap espresso machine ($15) and now make my own coffee’s at home and they taste just as great!

    A great book to read, if you can find it is the tightwad gazette.

    The best way to save is the small things that nickel and dime us!

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