I’ve Been at It…Again

My 'new' bookshelf
My 'new' bookshelf

I’m in trouble again with hubby. I have been up to my old habit of re-using…better known in the US as dumpster diving.

This morning as I was taking Emily to nursery I noticed an absolutely pristine bookshelf that was the exact match to our other shelves. I actually had to cajole one of my friends out of it though. She too thought it was a great find. I won because she lives upstairs and did not relish carrying it up them. I then found out that the grounds keeper had his eye upon it too. I guess the saying ‘finders keepers, losers weepers’ apply.

After putting the bookshelf on my patio, Emily and I continued on to nursery. At the other end of the estate I found a white shelf that is perfect for storing my gardening stuff on the patio. Mind you it was not pristine. But nothing that some soap and water could not handle. I had to take Emily on to nursery, because we were already late due to my first find. I kept my fingers crossed that this time I would not be the weeping loser. But my luck held and I picked it up on my way back from dropping her off.

I then spent the next two and a half hours re-arranging my downstairs. By the time I needed to pick Emily up, I felt as if I had a new home. But my luck was not done yet. On the way back from picking her up, I saw a Habitat bag in the exact same spot as the outdoor shelving unit had been. So Emily and I stopped to discover a bag that contained two new picture frames.

I knew hubby would be ‘irritated’ by my queen of re-use. So with my friend we came up with a story. I was going to tell him that I had been shopping. Right now, shopping is off-limits because of finances. So I figured that by the time he quit complaining about me going shopping when we did not have the money, he would not mind me taking stuff out of the bins again. It was a good plan, except that the moment I told him what I had ‘bought’ he knew the truth. He had seen the bookshelf on his way to work. He said he knew I would do it again. I asked…so why didn’t you save me the trouble and get it for me?

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