I am sure that our family is not the only one that will be foregoing a holiday this summer. In this recession, holidays are one expense that many families, especially large ones such as mine, simply cannot afford. But not leaving London does not mean our family will be completely foregoing a holiday. We have decided to partake in what has been coined a stay-cation.

This means we will not be incurring expenses such as air travel, hotels and rental cars. We can also include more picnic luncheons and return home to a nice family dinner. It also means we can use coupons such as those given out by our grocery store that entitles us to reduced admission at several famous sites.

Of course, we do live in a city that we once considered am exotic locale. I have been privileged to do so in the past as well. But few residents of a place actually take full advantage of their homes. When I lived in Los Angeles, I went to Disney Land two, maybe three, times. I never visited a single one of studios or went to Universal Studios.

In these modern times, we can expect to move several times during our lives; in fact, we are already planning our next one. So it a real shame that we do not spend more times exploring the places we live. If you would like to join us in planning an exciting London stay-cation this is a great site:

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