The last twenty-four hours have been more than a bit trying for me. It has been nothing more than a string of reminders of the importance of this particular Frugal Fam value: healthier living.

It began yesterday with the news of the death of Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angel fame. As someone, who grew up with this woman as the epitome of style and sex appeal, it seems too brief a journey. Then Emily had another seizure; each is a reminder of how fragile my child’s life really is. Then the man/child, who had been my first crush as a young child, died suddenly. It has been not so gentle wake-up call for healthier living.

Of course, we never have any guarantees when it comes to our health. Things happen; things like cancer and epilepsy and cardiac arrest. But those only behove us to try a bit harder to maintain this fragile shell that is our physical body.

The thing is that this Frugal Fam is entwined and central to the others. Without our health, it is virtually impossible to truly put Family first; ask anyone suffering from a depilating illness how it effects their family life. In terms of Saving money, I think the recent story of the lottery winner that was dying and said he would give it all to have his health back illustrates the point well. In fact, the importance I place upon being more Environmentally friendly is primarily related to leaving an inhabitable planet for my children and future generations. So let us pause for a bit today to honour these individuals…and consider what we can do to extend our days and the quality of our own lives.

2 responses to “Health…”

  1. Excellent post. You point out well that life as a force goes on, even though individual’s lives do not. People and other animals and plants of all kinds will continue to live and die; humidity will rise and rain will fall, seasons will come and seasons will go, and the earth will continue to function, even without our presence. The atoms that form what we call our body now will be recycled by the earth and emerge at some point in the future in entirely new ways. The same natural processes that break down our vegetable tops into compost and nourish beautiful new plants will also break us down and allow us to nourish beauty. I agree with you though that it is incumbent upon all of us to nourish the earth’s natural beauty throughout life, and having done so we have nothing to fear in death. Death just becomes a transition; a continuation of the same process we had already started.

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