Frugal Fam Fun…

Since Emily began having seizures, I admit I am more than a tad frightened to take her places. But last Tuesday, my older daughter worked only half a day. She called and suggested that we take Emily swimming…one of her favourite things to do before she got ill. Since I knew that someone else would be around if something happened, I agreed.

We went to the pool right up the road; a five minute bus ride. For two adults and a child, it was less than thirteen pounds; or about four pounds each. We had an awesome time in the outdoor pool area. We would spend part of the time in the kiddie pool, which was less than half a metre deep. We would also spend time in the shallow end of the adult pool that was a little over a metre deep.

My girls enjoying a kiss and fun at the pool.
My girls enjoying a kiss and fun at the pool.

Emily adored it all. She is fairly good at swimming as she had lessons last winter, but what she really, really, really likes to do is jump into the pool. We kid that she will be an Olympic diver one day. My older daughter and I enjoyed it all as well…although I admit it was hard for me to relax.

But the point is that there are lots of fun and inexpensive things in keeping with Frugal Fam’s core values:

Family first…you can’t get much more family first than the three hours we spent together at the pool.

Saving money…granted that the pool was not free, but it cost us less than eating out would have or the movies.

Environmentally friendly…OK, so pools aren’t the most environmentally friendly things considering the amount of water they take and the chemicals required for their upkeep. But given where we live in north London, it was still probably more environmentally friendly than travelling by car or train to the beach.

Healthier…swimming is an excellent exercise; just remember to always use your sun block to prevent skin cancer.

Whether it is swimming or the museums or just a picnic in the park, I encourage all of you to take some precious time out this week and enjoy a Frugal Fam mini-break.

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