My Tonys’…

My Tonys'
My Tonys'

After telling you yesterday about my pound veg men, I thought I would share with you today about my butchers, the Tonys’. They are a local business run by a father and son team. And they are one of my exemptions to my Frugal Fam core values; even if the supermarket can beat them on price, I remain loyal to my Tonys’.

In this case, it parallels my Family first value. One of the things I love most about my north London neighbourhood is its small businesses. Not since I was a young girl growing up in South Carolina or my brief time in rural Texas, I have encountered such wonderful sense of community built around its local businesses. I want to preserve that for my daughter. So I do my tiny bit to keep it alive by customing my local shops whenever I can.

Of course, it has other benefits as well. I like that the meat I purchase is fresh, not frozen. I also like the quality of the product. And the conversation and companionship is much nicer than anything the supermarket could provide.

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