Fruit Salad…Yummy, Yummy

Emily watched an old favorite today…the Wiggles. We saw one of their signature songs as well…Fruit Salad. Of course, as with any inquisitive three year old, she demanded that we make our own fruit salad.

Fruit salad can involve even young children.
Fruit salad can involve even young children.

So down the stairs we came to our kitchen. It was actually a good thing that we made fruit salad because we discovered that in this heat the fruits my husband had purchased just Saturday we already over-ripe. But we did manage to scour up a decent selection: banana, strawberries, peach, apple, grape and pineapple. It took us about ten minutes to peel and cut everything…and clean up our mess.

But the whole exercise was a wonderful reminder of the Frugal Fam core values:

Family first. The whole experience began from family time as we shared television time…and of course, we continued to share the bonding. Emily kept asking me, ‘what’s my job?’ Her job was using her hands to mix it all up in the bowl.

Saving money. Like I said, we discovered that some of the fruit was quickly going bad so this allowed us to save it. Of course, it also saved us from buying a more expensive afternoon snack.

Environmentally friendly. We salvaged the peaches, strawberries and pineapple from the bin…and ultimately the landfill.

Healthier. What a wonderfully nutritious snack…few things could be better.

And of course, in the words of the Wiggles…Fruit salad, yummy, yummy, fruit salad.

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