Smell What the Frugal Fam Is Cooking…

As I sit at my laptop typing this, there is a plate next to me of hot, homemade biscuits. When was the last time you had or made biscuits?

Hot, homemade biscuits
Hot, homemade biscuits

I remember my step-grandmother trying to teach me to make biscuits.¬†She always told me the secret to making good biscuits was that they should feel soft like a lady’s boob (mind you a natural one…not Katie Price or Pamela Anderson). I say trying because those first attempts were anything but successful. My biscuits were so hard that she could have used them as rocks in her garden. It was the family joke. But no one would be laughing now if they could taste these.

But in addition to the obvious convenience of having hot, fresh bread anytime you want; this also meets our Frugal Fam core values:

Family first. Like I said, I learned to make biscuits from my step-grandmother. My daughters are learning from me. I think making bread is a really fun thing to do with even the smallest of children; they love to knead the dough.

Saving money. These four large biscuits probably cost me less than ten pence to make. How much would we pay for fresh rolls/biscuits at the baker’s?

Environmentally friendly. I complained earlier  this week about the amount of plastic packaging in my bin; well, making it at home means there is ZERO packing to end up in the landfill.

Healthier. Alright, so homemade biscuits are not the healthiest thing going, but still by making them at home you can reduce the amount of salt in them…and there will be no preservatives.

So how hard is it to make homemade biscuits? There are just five ingredients: butter/margarine, flour, baking powder, salt and butter milk. Begin by adding the flour (about two cups) to the butter/margarine. Use your hands to work it thoroughly through until the butter is broken down into small bead sized bits. Then add a touch of salt and about a large spoon of baking powder; to make them rise. Finish off by slowly adding the butter milk in; kneading as you go until as my Grandma Porter said…it feels soft like a lady’s boob. Then roll into balls, flatten and bake in the oven until light brown. Serve hot with butter, jam or honey.

I can hardly wait to pick those black berries…some homemade jam would have made it even better.

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