Can you hear the Christmas bells?

Or is that the ring-a-ding of the cash register? It seems that with the world’s economy still reeling from stock market losses, bank foreclosures and increasing unemployment this maybe one of the hardest holiday seasons in memory. Or perhaps one of the best.

I remember the television movies of my childhood like the one about the little girl who sold match sticks on the corner to buy food or the one about the little girl who had not had a Christmas tree since her mother died.

One of my favourites was the Walton’s pilot, The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. John, the father, has gone to find work…any work that he can during the Great Depression. The family longs for him to be home for Christmas, but the weather and poverty seem to be against them all. Of course, in the end, he makes it home…as does a Christmas turkey (stolen most likely) and a bag full of toys, thanks to the generosity of others. But the family had what was most important…each other.

So as we enter this holiday season with dreary weather and another depression upon us, I hope that we will all reach deep inside of us to find the truth this year…family and friends are all that matters.

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