Winter gardening

The days are shorter. The dark seems to be everywhere. Your vegetable garden may be the last thing on your mind this time of year. But it shouldn’t be. Your success next summer is sown now. Here are a few things that you can do now to ensure next year’s harvest is best than last’s.

1) Feed your soil. You can compost all year round. I throw peels out into my garden several times each week. I also turn it at least once each week to ensure that the soil gets properly aerated. One way you can tell how well things are coming along is the number and size of worms.

Feeding my soil

2) Plan your crops. Spend some time thinking about what went right this year and what went wrong. For me, lettuce and spinach were real winners and I plan to make them a stable next summer. Anyone check out the price of a head of lettuce lately? After three growing seasons, my tomatoes though still have not managed to produce red ripe fruit. So this year, I plan to begin even earlier…Christmas. I should have a few ready to be transplanted by March or April.

3) Look out for close-out sales. Most stores take drastic reductions on gardening supplies the moment the leaves start to turn. Take advantages to stock up on essentials like gloves, spades and even organic compost.

So give a thought or two this cold, dreary day to your spring garden. It will warm your soul and head start your success next summer.

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