#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 7

OK…so we got moved. Sort of anyway.

The movers came for the furniture we selected for this first stage of the process. Our friends came and helped carry the little stuff….loads and Loads and LOADS of it. So now we are living out of boxes in total and utter CHAOS.

Not a good or easy thing for her autism…or my OCD. But we survived our first day in #HomeCrazzyHome. Just barely.

PanKwake had a meltdown on Friday night about midnight when the internet at the old house went down. Even though we had told her that it was going to happen. Trouble was…she was watching her YouTube and just about to fall asleep…at her most vulnerable. She actually did tire herself out so much with the meltdown that she fell asleep before Cookie Monster could get the back-up running.

She had ANOTHER larger meltdown the next morning. You guessed it…the internet AGAIN. This one was bad not just because the house was full of people, it lasted longer and was more violent…but because it was the first real meltdown that her best friend had witnessed. She had seen a small 5 minute one at the Halloween party when PanKwake messed up her painting…perfectionism is one of her biggest enemies. And maybe a couple of little hiccups/outbursts when PanKwake was stressed. But not a fullblown meltdown.

Luckily we had Mog yesterday. She focused on explaining and reassuring FriendKwake while I dealt with PanKwake. And as meltdowns go even this one was nothing like the ones we once had. It was over in 15 or 20 minutes…when Cookie Monster informed us that the internet was functional at #HomeCrazzyHome. We all focused on getting her resettled there…and life went on as usual.

That is just it…one of the biggest lessons that an #AutismParent needs is…

Life Goes On!

When you realize that meltdowns are inevitable…not your fault…and not some personal attack against you, then you can manage the stress of them easier.

So much more to say about that one…but no time to do it. #HomeCrazzyHome is utterly and completely quiet. Cookie and PanKwake are both still asleep. And I need to get to work putting together her gaming/art/school room.

I managed to get mine and Cookie’s bedroom totally done yesterday…because it was so easy. So we have an organized island of calm among the chaos. PanKwake has soooooooo many toys that getting PinkTopia finished in a single day is impossible. But this room…is more manageable. Besides by doing it, I will be diminishing some of clutter in PinkTopia in the process.

So I am off to work now…with loads more on my mind. Tomorrow I hope to post a pic of this room…so you can see her ‘school’ room. But please don’t tell her that is what it is or she may never come back in here…not even for Minecraft and Roblox.

Since I am on her computer with no photos or memes at all…I will leave you with this song…from my childhood…

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