Order Out of Chaos

After almost two months of ‘camping out’ in the new house, things have finally begun to move forward!

The electricians finished the total re-wiring and networking on Thursday. It was a total and complete nightmare of SIX WEEKS of noise and dust comparable to a minor volcanic eruption. Even as amazing as the electricians were at accommodating my daughter’s autism it was still a trying experience.


Maybe more so for me. With my need to ‘Make Order Out of Chaos’ it was frustrating not to have any control. I think the experience might have helped understand PanKwake’s struggle with sensory overload and Pathological Demand Avoidance even more. Some nights all I could do once they were gone was curl up under the duvet…it was just so overwhelming.

But now there is light at the end of the tunnel. At least now, most of the job is back under my control.

20170331_082627_resizedIn fact, I celebrated the electricians finishing up by establishing a beach head. I totally cleaned and organized my pantry. Right down to putting my herbs and spices in alphabetical order. But first I scrubbed off all that dust.

Then yesterday I further ate away at the monumental task of making #HomeCrazzyHome into a real one. I cleaned and organized the downstairs loo and cloak closet. Then this morning, thanks to our wonderful friend Heather, we put the finishing touches on it by hanging the pictures.

Leave it to a woman! Heather has the most AMAZING tip for not getting more of that dust all over the place when you drill holes in the walls to hang stuff. And all it takes is a Post-It Note!

Thanks to that tip and Heather’s help…today I managed to finish off another room…the family bathroom. But I still have one or two finishing touches. So I’ll save that for tomorrow.

20170401_114302_resized            20170401_114154_resized          20170401_114140

The downstairs loo and cloak room done and dusted…including Heather’s lovely job of picture hanging. The theme of this one…quirky…in perfect keeping with our #HomeCrazzyHome!

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