Tara, Tara…How Does Your Garden Grow?


I spend weeks planning my life every year…setting goals. I then spend a couple of hours every Sunday writing weekly ones to work towards that…and break those down into things to do every day.

Then nothing goes to plan!

Now sometimes that is a good thing…meeting and falling in love with Cookie Monster was certainly not on plan. I mean even a romance writer does not believe in fairy tales enough to think that a man would actually take on a 50 year old single Mom with an awe-tistic child, right?

And while I had been planning to get out of London for years…none of it had worked. Until my knight in shining armour swooped us away on his trains to Swansea. And we lived happily ever after…if a bit noisy, dusty and disorganized at times.

Then there are days like yesterday!

We were supposed to work in the hallway. Organizing the chaos that we have to walk all over just to get anywhere. Wiping down all the dust. And the dreaded…filing!

It was a job that required two…at least the filing part of it anyway. But Cookie was busy straightening the important stuff…the networking. So instead I decided to tackle the backyard…the patio portion of it to be exact. And to repot all my vegetable seedlings that were root bound and about to die if I did not get them outside where they belong now.

The thing was that I needed to clear a place off for them. There were so many weeds coming up between the cracks in the stones that it looked almost like a lawn. I had tried weed killer with some limited success. I tried salt. Then yesterday I tried good old fashioned elbow grease. With a hoe and shears I cut it back.

I spent the whole afternoon out there. About four hours. I did not even manage to cook dinner as a result. And for what?

I got a 3 by 5 block area cleared…less than 15% of the total patio. All that work…for such a small return? And by the time I was finished…my aches ached!

My teeny tiny patch of sanity…order…
Among the chaos.

I just have to keep reminding myself…

Rome was not built in a day!

This is our home. We aren’t going anywhere. We have time. It will happen. It will come together. If not as quickly or as easily as I PLANNED…in its own time and way.

Just like pretty much everything else in our…


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