Three Down

Another day…a few more painkillers…

Seriously though…day by day…it is getting there.

Yesterday, I managed to extend that tiny island of order on the patio. All the way to the steps. So now it is a 5 by 5 square. Not quite a quarter of the space but close. The plan is to do a bit more every morning this week. Once the chill is gone but before it gets too hot.

If I get three days without rain in a row then I am going to tackle pulling out the new mower and trimmer and cutting the grass back there too. Leaving the clearing out and digging up the beds for the poor gardeners.

Oh, and so far…all my vegetable seedlings are looking good. I swear some of them grew an inch overnight.

Oh…and that is just the back yard. The front is even more important…and overgrown. But leaving that totally for the gardener. Cookie Monster thinks a pond and native plants? A wildlife sanctuary. I am sure he won’t get any arguments from PanKwake. She is already re-homing all the insects un-earthed in my current endeavours.

And the count is up to three now. THREE completed rooms. As I put the finishing touches on the family bath yesterday too…thanks to our friend Heather and our builder, who hung curtain rods and knick knacks all over the place. It has a nautical theme.

20170402_133900   20170402_133947  20170402_133957

20170402_134005    20170402_133936

What do you think?

They had tried to paint over ugly brown panelling without priming first. So paint is flaking. The whole thing will have to be torn out and redone at some point. But that is Phase 3…I think. For now, it is clean, organized and sort of cute. As we say in the South…good enuf for govment work.

Well, off to write more. Then I am going to tackle the Gaming/Art/School room and our temporary bedroom. Cleaning and touching up paint. Of course, a few more blocks on the patio too. But I will tell you about the exciting bit tomorrow.

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