#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 63

We pulled PanKwake’s bike out of the garage at the old house yesterday. Her scooter too. She and her best friend rode them around the small park there and then back to #HomeCrazzyHome.

The thing is that for all the time PanKwake spends on the computer she is anything but a sedentary child.

She runs…upstairs (which is why we had to move to begin with). She runs on the treadmill.

092She jumps on her trampolines…yes, two of them. A big one outside that was the first thing Cookie Monster bought for her…he and I set it up the day after we moved in…and it has already found its new home here. But PanKwake already had a tiny one for inside…it even fit in that tiny London flat.

She now has her bike…and the best place ever to ride it. The sidewalk out front. We are even leaving it in the hallway behind the Gaming/Art/School room door so that it is easy for her and us to take out.

And she goes through scooters at the rate of one a year or more. This one is funny though as you move it by wiggling your bum…yes, butt powered.

It all goes to back to that Challenging Behaviors in Epilepsy conference for professionals that I snuck into when she was little. (I paid for the ticket…just that I used my degree in health ed to get into a conference not intended for parents. You never want to hear how these people view your child…trust me. It is depressing!) One of the researchers there had the best advice about controlling behaviors…


His advice was to tire them out…then they had less time and energy for challenging behaviors. Even back in London it was advice we used…going to parks, running up the four flights of stairs in the building, and of course that trampoline.

No, PanKwake is perpetual motion whether in Minecraft or REAL life.

Beware: Zombies, you stand no chance against this girl.


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