My NEW Kitchen

It is official now! After almost two months of practically camping out in #HomeCrazzyHome with electricians, dust, noise and cooking only on this two burner hot plate…a microwave…a toaster…and a deep fryer…

She served us so well even she earned a name…Hettie. We retired her to the top shelf in the utility room. With honor!

Things are starting to actually happen!!!

And this is the BIGGEST news of them all…

20170409_130636   20170409_130709   20170409_130743

Yes…my kitchen is finally finished!!!

Thanks to those electricians, the gas man and our builder who did the miracle transformation of painting and tiling in three days. What would have taken me ten days to two weeks…

It may not be all posh but then again neither am I…like I told Cookie Monster early on this is my theme song…

So it made sense for my kitchen to match. As I told him last night…functional, family and country. He smiled and said…You mean twee. Of course, he was only joking.

I even made Sunday roast dinner…


Roast beef, Yorkshire puds, roast vegetables and brussel sprouts with gravy. I asked Cookie Monster if I had lost my touch but he was so busy eating that he barely had time to shake his head. I think that was a ‘no’.

And did you notice my beautiful new oven…her name is Sandy Fae. Yes, I loved Bessie Mae, but she was just too big to fit in the space. If we had brought her she would have gone practically all the way to the utility room door and impeded traffic. So we went online and found her baby sister…in a color to match the rest of the kitchen…beige…i.e. the name Sandy. I hope that serves with the honor and distinction that her big sister did. The best part…well, I’ll save that for another blog, another day.

She was operational on Friday but it has taken me two days to finish up the move and get organized. Of course, the very first thing that I cooked in her…


He is called Cookie Monster for a reason…diet or not.

Well, I have cleaned up the kitchen and utility rooms after Sunday lunch…oh, and the weekly deep clean on the bathrooms too. I have watered the plants. And now blogged. I think I deserve a tiny bit of a break…after I put the last load of laundry in to dry of course.

I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel…I hope.

Oh…and I almost forgot…those curtains…

20170409_130907 (1)

I MADE THEM. Sewed them all myself.

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