#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 67

Well, we are heading into the HomeEd stretch with this one…though #homeeducation and #RadicalUnschooling will always be a big part of life in our #HomeCrazzyHome. Just not a daily blog…

It is amazing though that after all this time…it is still easy to come up with stuff to say…

I did not mean to do a follow up post to yesterday’s about the value of movies to Radical Unschooling…but then LIFE happened.

I finally finished cleaning the layers and layers of dust off the family room…and straightening up all the bubble wrap that PanKwake loved to hide in. I even hung curtains.

Then it got christened last night in the best possible way…

After he finished work, Cookie Monster acceded to PanKwake’s demand to watch Moana…

And the conversations that took place took my breath away…

  • Mr Techie talked about the history of computer animation and Disney/Pixar alliance.
  • PanKwake wanted to know why all the people in the village were brown…so we discussed homo and hetero-genity…and migration.
  • She explained her theory that Moana takes place in modern times but they are just locked in tradition and isolated. So we explained how difficult it is these days for indigenous populations to go unnoticed.
  • And of course…there was no way I was going to let the central theme of this movie…following your destiny…breaking with societal roles/rules…and being different…go by unnoticed.
  • There was even discussions about ego-centrism and feminism.

It was a pretty intense couple of hours. And went so far to highlighting her critical thinking skills.

I was most definitely a #ProudMama.

And a happy woman with such an amazing partner as Cookie.

Who knows what today might hold?

But I am certain of one thing…it won’t be boring…

Not in this…


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