Another day…another room finished at #HomeCrazzyHome.

I just had a couple of things to straighten up when I finished last night…after ten. It was too dark to take photos. And honestly I was too exhausted to blog then.

But I finished the Family Room…


It was not one of the major re-dos. And it was already pretty much together when the electricians started. But even though they did not have much to do in this room…the dust was still horrid.

I had to fluff up all the stuffies…those are not PanKwake’s by the way. They belong to Cookie Monster’s wife who died of cancer. But like her…have a place of honor in our lives.

And those books and videos…I had to wipe every single one of them down.


The curtains are temporary. The previous owners left them in another room. But I plan to make all the curtains for the house. I just don’t have a lot of sewing time right now. And honestly…I need loads more practice before attempting curtains for those windows. Not as simple as the cafe ones I made for the kitchen. But I did sew the tablecloth.


We even moved the final member of the family over from the other house. Meet Goldie…the goldfish. We got him at a fun fair. And look he even has a nice, big, new #HomeCrazzyHome of his own. Pink of course!


I was still ironing and hanging curtains when this room got broken in. After Cookie Monster finished work, he acceded to PanKwake’s pleas to watch Moana. But that is another blog on another subject #LoveHomeEd…#100DaysOfHomeEd. Needless to say…it is a brilliant christening for any Family Room…and totally in keeping with this


Right down to the Shoppies gracing the fireplace mantle…


Better get off here now and get on to the next one…the hallway. With any luck, I’ll have more to show and tell you tomorrow.

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