AWE-tism Acceptance – Day 15

Yes, I do know that was YESTERDAY!

But I missed it…because I was too busy recovering from all the ACCEPTANCE happening in #HomeCrazzyHome on Good Friday!

You see PanKwake is special in more than just one way…

She is an extrovert with high-functioning autism!

Which means she loves and craves people BUT she also has social anxiety.

One of our solutions is…


Lots and Lots and LOTS of them.

This one was small…only six children…because #HomeCrazzyHome is still such a mess that this one had to be BFF only…best friends forever for all you ‘adults’ out there.

Here is the thing…

Six children eleven and younger…

  • Two with Pathological Demand Avoidance….
  • Two with Sensory issues of some type, but no need to diagnose as they manage things well, i.e. remove themselves when they get over-stimulated.
  • One like me with the exact opposite malady of autism…empathic…i.e. feels everyone’s emotions…just knows!
  • …And one too young to tell yet.

The only rule….

As long as it does not hurt anyone else…Have Fun!

Do what you want/need. A couple of times the kids went off on their own for a bit. Once the two with PDA locked themselves away in Pinktopia. They turned up their cute little noses at lots of the food on offer. They ran all over #HomeCrazzyHome. They screamed and yelled. And they left this behind…

And it was all right! Because #HomeCrazzyHome is about ACCEPTANCE. About being OK with who you are…and who your friends are.

The kicker was when I heard PanKwake ‘explaining’ one friends behaviors to another…

It’s OK. She’s just like that.

Oh, what beautiful words. What perfect understanding. What a great world we live in…and one day…the one outside of those doors will be the same. I have to believe that…for PanKwake’s sake…and the others too.

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