It is not just menus that I plan. I am also one of those Crazzy types with a To-Do list. Actually I have notebook. A fresh one each and every month.

I fill it with my goals for that month. Then each week I break those down into weekly objectives. Followed by daily to-do lists.

Sounds wonderful, right?

But then life happens! And you know what they say about…


Well, for the past couple of months with all the workmen in #HomeCrazzyHome, it has been pretty pointless to even attempt it. But this week, I was turning over an new/old leaf. Getting my life back on track. Down to business and things back under control.

So on Sunday, I sat down with my notebook and wrote out those weekly goals and daily plans. I felt so energized…like things were finally going to start happening again.

Then Monday morning…I woke with a tummy bug…a bad one. And NOTHING got done.


So now after just one day…I am behind…horribly, terribly off-schedule! It can be depressing to say the least.

So why do it? Why put myself through this?

Because of another saying…


By planning at least I know what needs to be done…and I can make adjustments.

Sort of like irritating GPS saying…


If I know what needs to be done then I can always just adjust the plan, the route to get there. Because in the end…


So I am off now…to recalibrate…off on that windy path to SUCCESS! Or in this case, turning chaos into order at our…


2 responses to “#HomeCrazzyHome”

  1. Feel better soon! Here’s to recalibration

    1. Thanks!

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