#100 Days of Home Ed – Day 78

So much happening…

PanKwake and I are so blessed to have found a wonderful home ed group here in Swansea.

In the five years that we home educated in London we never found such a thing. Though we tried a couple of times…

20160622_105016Partly it was and still is her sensory issues. Even now the group does loads of things that are just too far for us to travel. But there are a couple of things close enough for us to make them…when PanKwake’s sleep patterns allow…another complication. And one activity that though she has trouble getting there due to motion sickness in the cabs…she just loves gymnastics so much that she does it anyway.

But it is often the case that we make it to an activity in the cab or with friends…only to have to walk home…all or part of the way. I am fine with that as long as it gives PanKwake the freedom to participate in things she wants to do.

Still her favorite thing is to socialize in her own home…her comfort zone. Play dates are a huge part of her life…online socializing too.

Heck, even I am beginning to make friends with other parents. Yesterday was a new experience for me…I actually had nothing better to do than sit down and chat with other adults. I know that may sound strange but after eleven years of being a ‘helicopter mom’ it felt…strange. PanKwake and her best friend PineApple took her iPad into the sensory room. When I would go to check on them, I got that ‘oh, mother’ tween stare.

I am so proud of my young woman…and so grateful for the truly inclusive home ed group that has embraced us both. I hope that over time we will get to make more events.


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