#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 79

Well, it is probably several days worth.

Hew…I am sitting down at the computer while Cookie Monster and PanKwake sleep in. I love mornings like this. Especially after a block buster week like this one.

PanKwake’s carer Mog is on the Master’s course in autism at Swansea University. That means one week a month…we miss her. She has class all that week and it is just too hard to come from class to us…though she does sometimes.

But this time I decided to keep PanKwake busy myself. And boy did I! I am the tired and peopled out one. The week started out quiet on Monday but it did not last for long. Tuesday I begged and borrowed two extra children. PanKwake’s best friend PineApple and her little brother Cookie Monster Jr. I know that math says…

1 + 2 is greater than trouble of 1 but actually in real life 1 + 2 is easier to manage than 1 alone sometimes. When you have the right ones anyway. And PanKwake collapsed into bed that night…so did I.

Wednesday though was full-on! PanKwake made gymnastics for the first time in a while. She did pretty well in the cab too. But the biggie was when we got rides…in SEPARATE vehicles…from gymnastics to the play group. I think that it was a bigger deal to me than her.

Then she and PineApple took her iPad and disappeared into the sensory room there. I hardly saw them for the next couple of hours. And when I did go and check on them, I got that ‘MOM!’ look. As usual, we walked home. I know that our friends worry about that sometimes…but honestly I am up for whatever it takes to give PanKwake days like that. And besides as she reminds me…it is good exercise.

Thursday was her epilepsy nurse at the house. She was just waking up when the woman arrived. And it takes PanKwake a couple of hours to wake up…trust me. But by the end she was asking…Would You Rather ??? The rest of the day was spent online but that was good because…

Yesterday was another massive day for us. She had no sooner woken up than we were OFF to the LC2 to meet back up with PineApple and Cookie Jr. They ran around the soft play for an hour…then they joined in home ed sports group for another hour…had a party for their Mum…and then spent almost two hours in the pool.

You’re exhausted just hearing about it?

Yeah, I know. What are these idiots who think home educated children are isolated and get no socialization thinking?

The moral of the story…beyond the fact that I need a break and not enough is getting done at #HomeCrazzyHome…

We all need socialization…except when we don’t. It is just that home educated children have the opportunity to determine who, when and where…and are not forced into the same packed room with the same people day after day after day for months and years.

These colorful science experiments from our Tuesday play date illustrate home education perfectly…all uniquely different from perfect as they are little brains.

Life is meant to be different and colorful.


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