AWE-tism Acceptance – Day 29

A few words from the organiser originally post by #autismfestival17 organizer Hazel at:

Thank you to this wonderful Mom who shares my vision for the perfect Celebration of Autism. When I saw the flyer saying that…I had been to so many events with other parents…oh poor me, my life is so tough (not that mine isn’t but I love it…my daughter, AWE-tism and our life). I had very low expectations…*snicker* Celebration, right. But I was completely, utterly and totally blown away to discover that she delivered exactly what she promised. A celebration of Neurodiversity. Mom to Mom…thank you, Hazel.

Festival Of Autism

HazellPhoto from NAS Swansea Purple Ball 2017

On the 23 April, we held an event called Festival of Autism which took me 7 months to organise, was held in Swansea University. People have asked me “Why did I not make a speech at the festival?”

Also, during the festival people said to me “Well done Hazel, the festival is a great success!”  Sincerely, I did not know what to say hence I could only smiled back..

It has been five days since the festival and I have since been able to review the event in my mind, from the feedback on Facebook, messages, phone calls and people talking to me, the vibe is a very positive one. Thank you for all the support.

 The Day of the Festival

After a long day at the festival, we went to Nines buffet for our dinner. The children were still excited and…

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