#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 83

Yesterday was something new in #HomeCrazzyHome. We had Pineapple and her little brother Cookie Jr. for the day. Nothing new there. They have come to visit many times in the past. But this is one in that it is going to be a regular thing now. It also blows traditional math away…

When is 1 + 3 < 1?

When it comes to children. Because with kids, especially ones like PanKwake who enjoy social interaction, it is easier having more than one child.

It also goes to dispel the myth that home educated and/or autistic children are isolated. Not in this household!

And side benefit was that I could use POSITIVE peer pressure to get PanKwake to do things that I could not if it were just the two of us…like going outside to scooter for a bit. She did not want to at first but when Pineapple said she was then suddenly PanKwake was all up for it.

More ‘reading’ happened too as the girls shared the computer area and Pineapple ‘taught’ PanKwake. It is right inline with the theories of Sugata Mitra’s minimally invasive education.

Oh and while the girls were at that…Cookie Jr and I made…well, what else…



20170503_112202He reminded too of an important Mommy lesson…let them have a go! Yes, it might be a bit messier than if you did it yourself…but it is sooooooooooooo worth the experience. He made these ones himself…and took them home to share…well, some of them anyway. After all he is not nicknamed Cookie Monster Jr for no reason.

It also showed me just how extroverted/social my child is. We also had three hours of Mog time last night…after a day of Pineapple and Cookie Jr. I was certain that the moment Mog left PanKwake would collapse into bed exhausted and needing quiet time.

Not PanKwake…she is jumping up and down at the foot of my bed…telling me she is full of piss and vinegar.

Thing is that she herself does not want to go back to school though…because she knows that the social interaction in not supportive or positive. Whereas I have always done my best to give her true inclusion.

A bit of quiet today…sort of. We still have Mog and young student from my older daughter’s university who is doing her dissertation on home education…but that program is where I first heard of Mitra so I look forward to sharing how radical unschooling and minimally invasive education aren’t so very different.

2 responses to “#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 83”

  1. Pineapple and CMJ really enjoyed. Is full of piss and vinegar an American saying? x

    1. And a Southern one too.

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