#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 85

Over the past couple of days I have played hostess to a young woman from my older daughter’s university in London. She is studying Educational Studies. And she is doing her dissertation on…childhood and home education. Specifically, what are┬áthe views of home educating parents on childhood?

It is a subject close to my own heart. The pressures that we place on children today in terms of school and perfect behavior…well, sometimes I think that those children who worked in the mines were really not that much worse off. Yes, I mean that.

For all that our children have iPads…laptops…mobile phones…video games…McDonalds…and loads more STUFF. They do not have a childhood. And as I responded to her final question, the most important bit of that is ACCEPTANCE.

I know I wrote a lot last month about #AutismAcceptance. And that is important. But the hard truth is…just how acceptable is childhood in general in our society?

A couple of weeks ago I was saddened to have a young mother APOLOGIZE to me for her two or three year old little girl splashing me…in the pool…while the child was kicking and practising swimming. WTF?!?!

But that is the world in which we live. It is not a place fit for children.

Except to see the embracing acceptance of my peers yesterday as these home education mostly mothers opened their hearts and minds to this young woman to share their views on the subject. It truly was overwhelming to see their passion.

Our guest commented that now she was confused because there were so many different views on childhood. I smiled and replied…Yes, that is WHY we home educate. Because we think for ourselves…and want our children to as well. I think she got it then.


So a huge THANK YOU to my whole home ed group…those that she interviewed…and those that she did not have enough time or energy to get to. You are all amazing people…and I am happy to call you my friends. And glad to share this exciting journey of parenting and home educating with you.

What we do is the most important job of all…

We hold the very future in our hands…and hearts.

Goddess bless us every one!

12 responses to “#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 85”

  1. I totally agree I am a home educated girl and I believe that it is better because I am taught to enjoy the subjects not just learn what I need for a exam

    1. Thanks…parents need to hear that we are doing something right.

  2. yea my mom helped me to pass 2 English exans with As

    1. Great Mom!

  3. yea I am really indebted to her

  4. can you fo1ow me pease

    1. Yes…and Tweeted and FB!

    1. You are most welcome. I look forward to reading more…LOTS more.

      1. thanks Hopefully it good

      2. Just make it from your heart…that is what people want

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