Shocking News!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my wrist. It has been bothering me…especially with all the painting, mowing and cleaning. Sometimes it is even hard to grip things and I get tingling.

But none of that was as worrisome as stepping on the scales! What I saw was truly an awakening.

Oh, I knew that I had put on some weight since moving in with Cookie Monster. I mean I am actually cooking three meals a day plus…cookies…cakes…pancakes…and all the rest. It was as if after five years of having no one to cook for (no, I did not cook for me) I was trying to catch up.

But I had no idea it was THAT bad.

How bad, you ask?

93 kilos. Over 200 pounds. Almost 15 stones. 

No, that is not the most I have ever weighed. I was over 100 kilos once…many, many, many years ago. But back then I was MISERABLE. My weight was a physical representation of that baggage.

And I did something about it. Both the unhappy and the weight. I left my fourteen year marriage and I went from a US dress size 24 to a 10. Yes, I lost half of me. So much so that I even got a job as a personal trainer for the gym where I worked out.

Of course that was 15 years ago. Two children. One marriage. Eight jobs. And about fifty pounds…25 kilos.

But this is totally different! I have never been HAPPIER! Not just Cookie Monster but living in Swansea…friends…progress in PanKwake. There is no a single thing I can point to that I am not happy about.

Except that number…my weight.

And it is about so much more than the scales or a dress size. This time it is about TIME. Having truly productive years to enjoy this new life.

Because if I don’t lose the weight, things like…

  • Diabetes…
  • Arthritis…
  • High blood pressure…
  • Heart disease…
  • …and many, many more…

Threaten not just to shorten my life span but to limit its quality.

I don’t want that!

I want more time with Cookie Monster!

I want as long and as healthy a life as I possibly can with this new Happiness.

So I came home and began to do all the things that I knew I should be doing all along. The things that I have been promising myself I would do. The things that I kept putting off…until I finished #HomeCrazzyHome…or whatever else I could come up with to procrastinate.

Last night’s dinner was a small portion of left over steak & ale pie with a huge plate of salad. I hate granola for breakfast…instead of JUST coffee. And lunch today was another HUGE salad with tuna.

I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I also did 25 squats, 10 lunges, 25 bicep curls and an equal number of tricep kick backs. I struggled to do 10 ab curls and 5 leg lifts.

And that was all before lunch.

But the thing that hurt me most was when PanKwake came in while I was on the treadmill. She said…

Mommy exercising? That’s a sight for sore eyes!

No more! It is time I quit putting this one off…and take control of this area of my life too. I invite you to join me…

  • A gym…
  • At home…
  • Wii Fit…
  • Walking…

It does not matter…just get moving. And shut that pie hole. Or at least stuff it with the right stuff. Even if you hate rabbit food.

Come on we can do this. We owe it to the people we love. We owe it to ourselves!

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