Spinning My Wheels…

And getting no where fast!

If anyone wonders, why I have not written about homemaking and the progress made around #HomeCrazzyHome…it’s because there ain’t been much. Between the joint pain and waiting for builders, gardeners, and scaffolding to come down, very little has gotten accomplished in the past couple of months.

In all honestly for a few weeks there, I was having trouble just maintaining the status quo. Thankfully, I am feeling a bit better…no thanks to NHS. Darn, pescatarian diet may be working. Or maybe it is just the power of the mind…I have done that before, decided that enough was enough. Oh, I still have pain…I just ignore it…most of the time.

Until yesterday, the only ‘progress’ made in weeks had been to RE-arrange two rooms that were already ‘done’. With my older son visiting from Los Angeles and the top floor still a disaster zone with bare brick walls, we needed a place for him to live. So I sacrificed what had been my sewing room to become a guest bedroom.

But that was not so bad since we moved my sewing things to the utility room. Which was a pretty cool idea actually. The utility cum sewing room is LONG…it runs the whole length of the house. But not very wide…only a couple of meters across and most of that taken up by appliances and shelves. The corner by the backyard though is lovely, deep, and full of light. Perfect for a sewing corner.

That area though has been typical Tara CRAZZY! In the original blue prints I created for the house before we moved in, that was going to be another dining area…the family one. Except it is not quite big enough. Oh the table would have fit…but cramped. And I hate cramped. And in the winter it gets pretty chilly out there. Not a good place to be eating your breakfast.

Then it became a hot house where I got my tomatoes and other plants going before planting them outside. But once that was done, it became a kiddie eating and craft corner for my Easter party…and just sort of stayed that way for a time.

This actually the first time since we moved to Swansea over a year ago that I have unpacked much of my stuff. Many of them were still in boxes when we decided that we were going to need to move. So I left them there. Then with the sewing room…I never fully finished it anyway. But now…well, just look! I still have a bit more to put out but that is most of it.

That is the sort of thing I do anyway. I even re-purpose whole rooms. At my tiny, dingy London flat, I changed it around so that the living room was Pink Palace for PanKwake and the second bedroom became a living room…with a bright pink accent wall too. I must have rearranged furniture in that place close to a dozen times in our five years there.

But this time I admit…I am getting frustrated. There is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much still to do…and nothing seems to be getting accomplished. Like yesterday…

It was sunny…for the first time in weeks. And weeks…and weeks…it seemed. So I asked Cookie Monster…do I straighten the inside or work outside while the weather is good? He suggested tackling the front garden. Mind you the gardener is supposed to come this Tuesday (note…supposed). But that is par for me…I cleaned before the cleaners came so of course I garden before the gardener comes.

So off I go. I spend all day out there. Every last spoon I had…I did not even have enough spoons left over to make tuna pasta for our dinner. We had to order pizza (note the vegetarian pizza tastes even worse when you burp it up than it does going down…if that is even possible).

All that work…


And it does not look one bit better!

Cookie assures me that it does. Even PanKwake says it looks a little bit better. But for me…it just does not seem appreciably better. I question whether or not it was worth all the energy I put into it. Then again…these days I have a new appreciation of the limits of my energy…how many Spoons I really use (Spoon Theory).

Here’s the kicker…it looks like it is sunny out there again today…so I am doing it all over again…in the backyard. I’ll keep you posted.

2 responses to “Spinning My Wheels…”

  1. The house looks great! Even a small accomplishment is an accomplishment none the less. Be proud of it!

    1. Thanks!

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