Nothing Ever Goes to Plan!

So yesterday, I talked about working in the gardens here at #HomeCrazzyHome. Well, ALL the work that needs to get done here actually. I had planned to tackle the backyard. But no sooner had I signed off the computer and collected all the things I needed than…

It rained!

Not a heavy one and not for long, but enough to make mowing impractical. And it only got worse in the afternoon when it started to rain off and on for real. So nothing got done in the backyard and looking at the weather forecast…nothing is going to anytime soon.

But that is about par for the course. it reminds me of the saying…

Life-Plans Lennon

But I make those plans anyway. I always have and I always will.


If you know that things are constantly going to change, that nothing goes according to your plans, that life is gonna throw you curve balls…why waste your time and energy making plans that never happen?

Because without planning…NOTHING gets done.

Life lives you.

Take my July goals…there were 14 of them. Guess how many were accomplished?

July Goal 8-14

That’s right…8 out of 14. Only a little more than half. But they were the important half. The ones that pertained directly to those I loved the most. The rest of it was mostly fluff…filler.

The other thing that is important at least for me when I set my goals is…

Achieving between 50% and 75% means I got the balance right.

Challenging enough to test my limits but not so difficult as to be discouraging.

I mean if you achieve 100% of your goals all the time…that is a to-do list…and a pretty easy on at that.

On the other hand if you accomplish nothing or very little on your list…how long are you going to stick to that?

Half to three-quarters is a pretty good guideline.

If you want to learn more about goals and how I set them, I am going to be doing a weekly group at #HomeCrazzyHome focusing on goal setting and life’s other important messages. If you live in Swansea, I hope you will consider joining us…if not, I am working on other ideas like YouTube or live feed.



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