National Sewing Month!

I lie not…

September is National Sewing Month!

Yes, my Brit friends…that is ANOTHER American holiday. But we’ll let you celebrate with us too.

So…or is that ‘sew’…after a hectic and rather stressful summer where not enough got done around #HomeCrazzyHome, I am rolling into fall and fingers crossed for better days and weeks ahead.

Yesterday was certainly one of the best I have had in months. I got…

  • The house straight (It was a DISASTER zone from a bad meltdown AND a flood)
  • Had little Cookie Monster over to play with PanKwake
  • Cooked dinner
  • Did 3 or maybe 4 loads of laundry
  • Baked cookies

AND got a kick start on MY September is Sewing month project.

One of the good things that DID happen this summer is that after six months of bare walls, the plasterers came. Including mine and Cookie’s bedroom.

Of course, that means loads of painting and decorating this fall (and winter too). I have our room scheduled in for next month. After some discussion about colors, Cookie said that he had actually liked my Purple Palace in that dinky London flat. So we agreed on a purple scheme.

I found two matching twin duvets this week at a charity shop that I will transform into curtain for it. But I have always wanted to make a quilt. Something made with love that covers the one you love as they sleep. My weird mojo of it protecting and soothing as you sleep.

BUT who has time?

So I have decided that this September is Sewing month I will do it. I will make a quilt…a purple one…for our bed. And of course there is only one option appropriate for this house…

A CRAZZY quilt!

What is that you ask? A quilt without pattern or design. A pishposh of squares made from whatever scraps you have on hand. And of course…I have plenty of purple on hand!

So at 7 PM last night, after stacking the dinner dishes, I found myself rummaging through the boxes in my sewing room looking for material. I discovered a whole bag of scraps, many of them already pre-cut, from my goal’s wall quilt projects. So I began sewing. I managed to get 4 blocks made in an hour. Not a bad start if you ask me.


My goal is to sew three or four blocks each day. It will be eight by eleven rows of 10 inch blocks…or similar. So that is 88 blocks…or three a day.

If you want more frequent updates on my progress then follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@HomeCrazzyHome) where I will post daily pictures of the blocks.

Well, off now to work on another MAJOR project but I’ll let that one be a surprise for later.

Oh, and please…comment or send pics of your September is Sewing month projects!

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