My Twitter feed is full of parents of autistic children complaining about schools and local education authorities. How they are failing them. And I am not doubting that.

But not us! No, here at #HomeCrazzyHome, we kicked off this week on Monday with a wonderful #NotBackToSchool party…and we even had a couple of schoolers too…we don’t discriminate.

It was wonderful (and tiring of course). To see our children…caring for one another…playing together…without bullying. And across age gaps too…the older ones helping the little ones out. Sharing their gaming expertise. There were ten children here…from about two to early teens. And not a single fight or disagreement that required adult intervention. After a bit the one child I worried over slotted herself into the crowd too.

How many schools can say that? 

Yes, the adults were around…some parents more vigilant than others…but that too was OK. Because we…the home ed community…and not just #HomeCrazzyHome practice the two most important things in the world…

Understanding and Acceptance!!!

066PanKwake and I are both excited to get back into the swing of things now. We have missed our weekly activities and our friends. Our visual schedule is choke-a-block full of things this week…gymnastics, our besties, and swimming. After a summer stuck mostly in the house due to sensory overload of too many schoolers in all our favorite places, we can’t wait to get back to ‘normal’…for us anyway.

Today we have our best friends, Pineapple and Cookie Monster Jr., and gymnastics…AND our weekly home ed group meeting. I am throwing in McDonalds…just because I am a cool Mom like that. And we deserve a bit of a treat.

Oh…and did I mention…that for the first time on Monday, PanKwake took responsibility and did A LOT of the prep and cooking for her party. She rolled out cheese cookies and made the wraps. She tried making sandwiches too but spreading the margarine proved too difficult for her ‘fiddly’ fingers.


Have I mentioned…

I love our Crazzy RadiCool Unschooling life!

I truly don’t know how or why anyone would do it any other way. Even in the hard moments, I LIKE my child…and spending time with her. Which is what I am doing now…


Life is meant to be lived…not just written about.

2 responses to “#NotBackToSchool”

  1. unconditionalparentingspectrum Avatar

    Sounds like a fab party! Glad you’re having a great start to ‘not back to school’!

    1. It was…and thanks!

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