Does It #HomeCrazzyHome: Tandoori Fish

As I have shared before, a few months ago I began having joint pain. At times, so severe that I can barely get out of bed. Some days I can only manage the basics: taking care of PanKwake and cooking a couple of meals for Cookie Monster.

NHS have been no more helpful with this one than with autism. My first GP told me it rheumatoid arthritis. When I finally saw the ‘specialist’ he said no…perhaps osteoarthritis. A woman that I met at one of Cookie’s fancy-pantsy dinners suggested that it could be hormonal.

That one makes loads of sense actually. As it coincides with menopause…and for once I won’t give too much information. Let’s just say when I started to look patterns, there were some.

So as always I began looking for my answers somewhere besides those ‘experts’. Supplements. Exercises. And diets.

When I stepped on the Wii last Sunday, it was confirmation of one thing…no matter what I need to lose some weight.

In fact, the only that has made much difference is to change my diet. Pescatarian. If you don’t know that word, it means vegetarian with fish. No other meat…just fish. That is because many fish are high in Omega-3 and other beneficial oils that are especially good for your joints.

But after a lifetime of good ole’ Southern cookin’…fried chicken, gravy, and vegetables smothered in cheese…finding palatable fish and vegetarian recipes has not been easy.

So I thought…if I am experimenting with new recipes, I might as well share it all with ya’ll. And how better to do that than funny #HomeCrazzyHome videos.

This one is a bit rough. I am still learning, folks. I am sure they will get better…or I hope so anyway.

And in case ya’ll couldn’t understand a word dat came out my mouth, here is the recipe for…

Tandoori Fish

  • Cod
  • Low-fat plain yogurt
  • Lemon juice
  • Ground coriander (dat’s cilantro, folks)
  • Ground cumin
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

Red Rice

  • Brown long grain rice
  • Knoor vegetable stock pot
  • Can chopped tomatoes (Maters where I come from)
  • Anise pods or cardamom
  • Water

No, folks, they ain’t no quantities because this girl don’t measure notin’. Even when I follow recipes.

For the instructions…I am making you watch the video. Sorry.

3 responses to “Does It #HomeCrazzyHome: Tandoori Fish”

  1. Thank you for sharing recipe… Video is quite descriptive… And most of the time I do the same…cook food without measuring anything…
    You can also find more such delicious recipes at

    1. Thanks…Will give a look and maybe make one into another in this series.

      1. That’s great… Thank you

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