I Did It…Again…

I made it for the second Tuesday in a row to our local leisure center. And exercised.

Right now…my aches ache.

So this one is gonna be short. More about the revelations of this day.

I walk to the gym. Half an hour. Usually along the beach but today I missed my turn and ended up going mostly through the city center. But that was OK because it was the second f’up of the day.

I left the house without breakfast.

Far enough…PanKwake did have me up seven times during the night. So I was late getting up and started.

But I had to correct that…so I stopped at the store for fruit and some nasty breakfast bars to eat on the way.

From there…I learned three things about myself…

  1. I HATE aerobics. Why this should surprise me I have no idea. I always have. I have no coordination. None. Well, what I do have I save for the important stuff (not saying anything more).
  2. I MUST MUST MUST do my circuit training in the same order each week. This was the second week that I did it as part of a ‘class’. BIG mistake. No control on where your circuit starts…people queuing for machines. And an instructor who gets so caught up in chatting that she forgets the time. You end up stuck on one machine until you hurt. Then to make up time, she barely gives you any on the next one.
  3. Classes may not be the best option for me. I am there to workout…not chat. And will someone please explain to me HOW you can wear make-up to workout…even in the pool?

Good points…I do LOVE water aerobics. Low impact. The water covers my lack of coordination. And great music such as…

Of course, after losing three pounds last week, I am NOT giving up. But I am altering the way that I work out.

From now on…that walk out to the gym is my warm-up, then while the others are doing their aerobics class, I am hitting the circuit…while it is practically empty. I can do things my way and at my pace. Then I am searching out a recumbent bike for my aerobics and leaving them to fight over the circuit machines and socialize. But yes, keeping that water aerobics.

How could I not with music like that?

OK…off to soak in a tube of hot water before bed. Fingers crossed for a better night than last.

Pleasant dreams, folks.

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