I HATE peopling!

Even with the ones that I love…my own tribe. I still find it exhausting.

The only people I want around are Cookie Monster and PanKwake.

And other children. I generally don’t mind having little humans around.

The thing is…I have an EXTROVERTED autistic daughter whom I choose to home educate. So it is my responsibility to give her what she wants/needs…to constantly be going, doing and PEOPLING.

Our week is full of it…

  • Monday – Mommy Monday here at #HomeCrazzyHome
  • Tuesday – playdates with our friends or home ed sports
  • Wednesday – our besties are here for the day + every other week we have home ed gymnastics and playgroup
  • Thursday – besties again + every other week Bushcraft
  • Friday – Family Fun Friday with adventure play, climbing wall, swimming and board rider at the local leisure center.

By the time that Saturday and Sunday come around I am EXHAUSTED. But I also need to use that time to get loads done around the house.

And on top of ALL that the next couple of months are loaded with our Parties…

  • Last night was the going-away party for the miraculous Mog – PanKwake’s carer
  • Then it is Halloween.
  • Less than a week later we are adding a small one Guy Fawkes Night. Our top floor is the perfect observatory of the fireworks display for #neurodivergent little humans who might like to see them but cannot manage the crowds or the noise. It would be a shame not to open the house for that.
  • Then Thanksgiving – sooooooooooooooo much to give thanks for this year.
  • Christmas!
  • New Year’s.
  • PanKwake’s birthday.

It boggles my mind thinking about it all. But I am lucky in that most of the people I am around…are my type. Deep thinkers…non-conformists…rebels like me.

When we get together this truly is our conversations…


There is nothing that tires me out faster than polite small talk. Especially about shallow and materialistic things like cars, holidays, or even houses. I simply don’t care about those things…unless they changed your life.

When I do get together with my tribe…we talk about…

  • The things that need changing in this world…and how we can…
  • How to be better partners, parents, and humans…
  • Computers…lots and lots of computers…but even then it is not just the stuff I don’t understand but a lot about how all that other stuff might change our lives as we know them…and THAT does interest even me…
  • Religion…not as the preachy stuff but about how it should make people better but usually doesn’t…
  • Lots about #neurodivergence…and a fairer, more just place for all…
  • About our homes…not houses…but homes…
  • Our children…as little humans…and how we can mentor them into better humans…
  • And yes…sex too. I always get that one in there somehow.
  • And all those others too.

By the time my people leave or I get home…I am both exhilarated and exhausted.

I want to know what makes you tick. And I don’t want to have to pretend to be something I am not. I don’t want to have to be polite.

I want…need…to be ME. Raw. Loud. Crass. And oh so REAL!


If I have to do peopling, then I want to be among others who feel the same…my tribe.

And 90% of the time I am…but that other 10%…ARGH!

Okay…time to get off of here and go to work. Make up for all that time PEOPLING by getting some stuff done around my refuge and fortress…#HomeCrazzyHome!

2 responses to “Peopling!”

  1. Your tribe sounds wonderful 💙

    1. They are amazing! Mostly other home ed families…some of his techies.

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