Mommy Monday #1

OK…so tomorrow is actually going to be Mommy Monday #3. But getting videos posted is not my thing. But I finally got around to it. And tomorrow will be a continuation of this theme…

The Wheel of Life…

So that is the basics of it, folks. Tomorrow we begin by setting some goals in those areas…either the one (two or three) areas that we most want to address…or if an over achiever like me…ALL of them.

And then the following Monday, October 9th, it will be the insightful Jennifer Foster as she delves deeper into the Energy Dynamic. But don’t worry…next Sunday I’ll catch you up on that one too with another video from her series.

And if you are local to Swansea and would like to join us on Mondays from 11 a.m. until… Please email me at for address and directions to our #HomeCrazzyHome.


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