Croeso #HomeCrazzyHome

I think it may be time to break out with some Queen…

Yes, another room is FINALLY complete at #HomeCrazzyHome!

Okay, so there may be some debate about whether or not a vestibule (50-cent word for entry way) counts as a room? But for me this one is HUGE.

Because it is the first thing that anyone sees of #HomeCrazzyHome.

I want it to hit them full-on…you are entering a whole new zone

IMG_20170916_123809So I put lots of thought into what was nothing more than grey, drab, and functional junk collection space.

The first thing that we considered was…what color? There is SOOOOO much grey in this place. And anyone that knows us, knows we are anything BUT grey people. I knew I wanted something bright and a color that brought out the beautiful ceramic tile floor.

Then it hit me…English Trifle.

It was the very first paint that Cookie Monster and I selected together. We started to re-paint the master bedroom at the old house in it. But then the move happened. We still have to finish that project too before he sells it.

But I thought it was wonderfully symbolic that the first room people see at #HomeCrazzyHome was one of our first ‘couple decisions’.

But that is not all! Oh no, not at all.

Like I said I want people to be hit with the unique nature of our #HomeCrazzyHome from the beginning.

So there are a couple of SPECIAL features….


One is our truly unique and repurposed coat rack. It began life as a different type of rack. Cookie ordered it for the computers in the basement. But it was the wrong. And way too heavy to get down the stairs into the basement. He kept saying he was going to move it into one of garages. Then I sort of just started using it for coats, bags, and the like.

I am sure he thought it was a bad, passive-aggressive joke when I told him I did not care if he ever moved it. But over time, I think the idea sort of grew on him.

Of course, a computer/coat rack is one thing. But I had to add my own special Tara flavor to the room too. And how better than…

Yes, a #HomeCrazzyHome quilt that fills a whole wall.


Ain’t it spectacular?

There are a few other, more suitable hints too. (Bet you don’t know I did suitable?) Like…


The Croeso mat…that is Welsh for ‘welcome’.

The door draft blocker…and washable, removable cover that coordinates with the quilt.


And this…special plague…just in case people need it spelled out more clearly for them…


Oh and one totally wacky feature that came with the house….


No, you are not drunk (well, you might be, but…). Yes, the front door is cut on an angle. No idea why…but who cares. It just makes it even more perfect for us.

So what ya’ll think? People gonna get the message?

After all this truly is…


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