YouTube and Autism: The Magical Combination 

PanKwake finally began to at least try new foods after watching The Good Mythical Morning and their Will It shows. We have even had our own family version of Will It Taco. Surprisingly, brocolli and nutella both taco.

But what surprises me is how informed some of the science shows are. One night when she was having trouble sleeping and I told her I was worried about her not getting enough sleep and maybe having a seizure. She informed me…Mommy, didn’t you know brown eyed people need two hours less sleep than blue eyed? I thought…yeah some silly YouTube. When I looked it up, there is actually a study from a legitimate university that does show that.

We actually RadiCool Unschool…and YouTube is a MAJOR part of how she self-educates. She has learned ALL about ants and ant farming from AntsCanada. She used YouTube to help her decide that a bearded dragon was the best choice for her first lizard. And for us…I am proud of her LGBT acceptance. Thanks to people like Shane.

PanKwake rarely watches TV…then only cartoons on Disney XD. But YouTube…that is another matter.

Her life goal is to become a YouTuber. We have a few of them up so far…but loads more that I need to upload. Simple ones are not as hard as all that. Who knows maybe one day she will? Travel the world doing Crazzy extreme rides (mine is a sensory seeker) and promoting Autism.

These two sound like sisters from another mother.


As I browsed the shelves of a local toy shop with my kids recently my daughter became rather animated and excited over something she saw.

“Hey, mum, I know what this toy does! I’ve seen it on YouTube!”
She had indeed. She knew everything about the toy from who made it, what came with it and she even knew the best way to ‘unbox it’.

It was not expensive and she had some birthday money to spend so we duly took the toy to the checkout where staff smiled at my 8 year old and said, ‘Good choice! Did you see it on you tube too?’

Apparently the way to sell toys now-a-days is to simply have Ryan from ‘Ryan’s toy reviews’ or Cookie Swirl C film themselves buying them, taking them out the packaging live and playing with them. Kids are hooked on channels like this and many…

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