Myth Buster Friday #10

Autism and parties?

We have had to decline a few birthday party invites lately. Not because PanKwake cannot manage parties. She LOVES them. But because of distance. Travelling to get to them would have been worse than the party itself.

But since she was very little I have always used parties as a way of encouraging her socialization skills. When she was very little the flat that we lived in with her father had a party out front, any summer day could well turn into a party with cookies, sandwiches, and drinks for the neighborhood kids.

We have big ones too. Today is one of the biggest…

Our Halloween Party…

So I am off to get ready but I thought I would share photos from some of her other parties. Let you see for yourself that…

Sometimes the #HappilyAutistic and #ProudlyPDA are also #Party Animals!

May you always have the self-confidence to party hard my beloved PanKwake!

2 responses to “Myth Buster Friday #10”

  1. I wish we lived near you, I love a good party.

    1. We wish you did too!

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