Beauty is Only Skin Deep…

I am in one of my arguments on FaceBook…AGAIN! This time over this book of photographs of ‘beautiful’ women from around the world.

The problem is…the only difference between the women is eye, hair, and skin color. Otherwise they are ALL pretty much the same woman…a very narrow and traditional view of beauty.

Of the dozens of photos that were shared to promote and market the book, there were less than a handful of older women…and those all from Guatemala. And ONE plus sized. ONE!

And don’t give me the b.s. about ‘fat’ being a Western thing. I agree that morbidly obese is not a natural variant in the human genome…but plus sized is. A visual survey of indigenous tribes around the world will show you that for some…a size 12 to 16/18 is their ‘normal’. I am sure that this photographer ran across more than just the ONE she photographed…in Germany.

And the source…The Mind Unleashed…a Facebook group with the tagline…The Revolution Begins Within.

When it comes to physical beauty…obviously it does NOT!

Three things bother me most about this one though…

  1. How many of these people (probably mostly young) are in happy relationships based upon shared values, mutual respect, and intelligent conversation? Or do they get ’emergency’ calls from friends about dying grandmas any time their date is not physically pleasing? It is truly sad what this supposedly enlightened generation is missing out on by their own shallowness?
  2. This site is forever posting anti-corporate memes…yet how much $$$££££€€€¥¥¥ whatever are they spending on beauty products, diet/exercise, and clothes to maintain that narrow definition of ‘beauty’? Do they not realize that all that money is going to feed a corporate culture that promotes and markets their products at the expense of the self-esteem of women and especially impressionable young girls? How hypocritical!
  3. And rather than engage in logical and thought-provoking debate about ideas, they made personal attacks based upon my size. Yes, I know this is the internet. But as I said…this is supposedly a group based upon higher ideals than ‘societal norms’. If this is the best there is?

Yes, I realize that this is not one of my core values of #neurodiversity or #unschooling…but what concerns me is how easy it is for those societal norms to go unquestioned…or to attack anyone who does.

And yes, this effects PanKwake…my other daughter…and ALL the beautiful little humans I care about. It affects us ALL.

Martin Luther King, Jr once said…


But even the color of skin is mutable with the cosmetics industry who make billions selling skin lightening creams in some of the poorest nations in the world. Is that what Dr King had in mind?

No, I don’t wear make-up. I even gave up coloring my grey hair fifteen months ago. I have not been an ‘acceptable’ size in fifteen years. I don’t wear the latest fashions…I dress for one thing…Comfort.

And if you want or need to judge me based on those things…

Let the knob hit you where the good goddess split you!

You are NOT someone I want or need in my life.

Because while I may not be those things…I am one of the deepest thinking, most morally driven, and kindest people out there. And I love and am loved in return by a man who sees and knows what TRUE beauty is.

The content of my character!

Even if I do occasionally torture him with country music songs like this one…

Oh NO! After all this…I had to watch an ad on YouTube about ‘strong’ hair just to get to the video.

Screw ‘strong’ hair…I want kind hearts, deep minds, and strong character…that is what is important.


2 responses to “Beauty is Only Skin Deep…”

  1. A better character.. and I suppose that’s what soul growth means.. 🙂

    1. So sad there is not more of it these days.

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