Last week Cookie Monster spent three days in teleconferences. Long-term planning.

Each December I spend the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s ‘planning’ the next year. Goal setting.

And each year NONE of it goes to plan.

But that never stops me from repeating the process again the next December.

I was talking on MommyMonday another #HomeEd mom, GoldenDelight. The spectre of going back to university for my PhD raised it head…AGAIN.

It is something I want to do…and perhaps even NEED to do. But will obviously be challenging.

The question becomes…WHEN?

As we were talking about it GoldenDelight asked…

Can’t you just let things happen?

My immediate answer was…


I am not the type that flies by the set of my pants…except when it comes to writing.

But my life needs structure…order…I need control. Even though I know that I have no control. That…

Life-Plans Lennon

I get that. But still I NEED those plans.

Making them is about more than control…it is about what is IMPORTANT to me at that point in time. Where do I put my efforts. It allows me to define…

WHO I am.

So yes, this year again…I shall be working on Wheels of Life…and goals.

Even if I don’t complete any of them…having them centers me. Grounds me. Guides me.

And that is worth a bit of time.

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