Respect Your Children!

PanKwake and I just had the most amazing conversation. I should say…another one. Sometimes they seem almost daily that she awes me with her logic and critical thinking skills.

She has been back to the up all night and sleep all day routine. Which of course means…

Loads of learning on YouTube.

She has discovered one of my most hated TV show…Super Nanny!

First, she asked me what I thought about it.

So I told her the truth…that it was just about the total opposite of everything I believe in.

She asked me what I would think if I had a show like Super Nanny. Of course, I had to clarify that one. I would NOT…COULD NOT…ever be like that. She said no. I get to do things my way…but have a show about it. Smarty then said…Basically, be society’s worst nightmare.

We laughed and then she said…If I had that show, I would tell them…

Respect Your Children!

She talked about how children are always told to ‘respect your elders’ but they are never given any respect in return.

Of course, I used the opportunity to discuss why I no longer use the word children…that I say little humans. Which led into a discussion of human rights for them as well. We discussed how that might even apply to asking permission of babies before picking them up or letting others hold them. She was not too convinced by my arguments on that one though.

All of this before 8 A.M. After being woken up at 2 with the I’m Bored chorus for the second night in a row.

But those are the joys of…

#Parenting a #HappilyAutistic #ProudlyPDA #neurodivergent little human…

And #RadiCoolUnschooling were we belive…


I hope you’ll take PanKwake’s advice, folks…

Respect Your Children!

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