A Thought for the Day….

I am incredibly busy. Doing one of the things I do best…


Watergun 4 featureIn fact, this morning PanKwake caught me in a REAL life would you rather. She had a loaded watergun with Cookie Monster’s name on it. And I was torn between working to put the final touches on PinkTopia before her Christmas party on Monday…or sacrificing myself for my man. What’s a girl to do? Cookie told me to go clean…wonderful man that he is. But oh, what a hard choice.

So I don’t have time for a full blog though lots of things are happening in our lives and lots of thoughts. Especially at this time of year, when we celebrate love and new opportunities. I am already gearing up for 2018 planning.

But I pulled this old meme out…and updated it a bit with my limited Paint skills…

New Year

Because this one is something worthy of asking ourselves every day of every year.

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