18 Life Lessons for 2018… #18

So Crazzy me decided to so a blog series…a year-end finale of blog posts on the life lessons that I have learned. Not only in 2017, but in my brief fifty-two years on this earth.

Let’s kick it off today with…



Oh, how I wished I had learned that one thirty or forty years years. From the moment I started school, I knew I was different. I spent the next forty years trying to fit in. To remake myself into a mold that socially acceptable.

Then in 2009, I had a miscarriage. My world collapsed. I spent the next two years battling depression and anxiety. And when I finally came out on the other side, I decided…

Never Again!

I did not want or need FAKE friends. People who only wanted to be around me if I pretended or acted a certain way.

So I took and stuffed that mask I had worn for most of my life and I put it away. In some deep dark drawer of my mind. Honestly, it was cracked so much that the REAL me always comes through anyway.

Instead I became WHO I am…and I did so LOUDLY. Never hiding or justifying my strong opinions.

You know what?

The louder and more opinionated I became…the more people were attracted to me. Sure, I lost some people…even family who embarrassed by my frank honesty. But for every person that I lost…I attracted two…three…four…ten? others.

People with whom I do not need to pretend to be someone I am not. People who like me for me.

Even the most important person of all…my beloved Cookie Monster…but that is another lesson.

Just remember…


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