18 Life Lessons for 2018 #17

Speaking of friends…


And the question that you have to ask yourself is…

Is their negativity worth it?

Is what you are giving them worth the hassle of what they are taking out of you?

Or are they pulling you down to their level?

We have to take responsibility for the crap that we let into our lives. And yes, sometimes it is an obligation. Some people we are stuck with…at least for a while. Others…we know that what we do have to give to them is worth the effort. In those cases, it is important to keep perspective…not allow those people inside your mind/heart/soul.

But there are other people that we THINK we have to put up with. People that we can and should kick to the curb. OK…maybe not that brutally. But have you cleared out your friends’ feed on social media lately? All those messages that keep pulling you down when you see them.

One of the things about me and my reasons/seasons is that when people begin to drift away…I let them. No drama. No texts or phone calls to try and bring them back. I just figure that whatever brought them into my life…either they got it…or they did not want it. Either way the season is over.

Of course, some people come in and out of your lives too. And that is OK too. Take it what it is.

There is an important reason that you do this…beyond just your own mental and spiritual well-being. As humans, we have only so much inside of us that we can give. And if we spend all of it on the people who don’t matter…we won’t have enough left over for the ones that truly do matter.

And that is our most important obligation.

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