18 Life Lessons for 2018 #11

I love philosophy…though not modern philosophers (they are too full of themselves). I consider myself a bit of an amatuer pop philosopher…thus the memes and movie quotes as life lessons for the New Year. This one definitely fits into that category…


PanKwake on the other hand is into conspiracy theory. One of her favs is The Illuminati.

But as much as such things fascinate me too, the simple truth is…most of our problems…

  • Greed
  • The Environment
  • Prejudice/Hatred
  • War/Violence
  • …and all the others…

All come down to not big monster or conspiracy…but individual choices.

Tiny little decisions that people make that lead them down paths which if they knew where it led they would not go…

The most prevalent culprit…Popularity…

  • Valuing the opinion of others more than what is right…
  • Not really thinking about how our choices will affect us or others…
  • Simply NOT THINKING…

It is a modern aliment. 

No, we don’t need monsters…we are our own worst ones….



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