18 Life Lessons for 2018 #10

#HomeCrazzyHome is a weird combination of utter and complete chaos…and total peace and joy. It vacillates between the two…sometimes even in a day. With friends and #unschooled little humans running around, being free, happy, and having fun. Then the calm settles…and Cookie Monster, PanKwake, and I retreat into our own little worlds.

It is a wonderful refuge and fortress for three uniquely different people.

But one of the biggest reasons that the chaos gives way so easily to that peaceful time of healing and rejuvenating is…


And while we are a family that is stronger together, we are also three individuals who have to various degrees found that place inside ourselves. Yes, even an almost twelve year old #neurodivergent little human can find her degree of peace.

That’s what makes us work…knowing that the peace is multiplied…not added. It is not simply a case of 10 + 10 + 10 = 30, but 10*10*10 = 1,000.

The thing is too often people think that they need something external…a new house, new car, new career, new partner, a little human offspring… Some THING or SOMEONE to make them happy. But another truth is…


That was certainly the case with Cookie Monster. I found my peace with myself. I decided that I was whole in myself. And that is when the pieces fell into place.

Think of it this way…what kind of person wants to be around a lost and broken shell of a person? Only another lost and broken shell.

Whole people at peace with themselves (or mostly so…none of us ever truly are) attract other whole people. And things just multiply from there. Keep getting better and better ever single day.


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