18 Life Lessons X-Men version #7


Let’s focus on Hank/Beast here…

Charles Xavier: In each of us, two natures are at war. 
Hank McCoy: Robert Louis Stevenson; Jekyll and Hyde.
Charles Xavier: Top marks. The story wasn’t about good and evil though, was it Hank? It was about man’s animal nature and his struggle to control it, to conform. And it’s that struggle which is holding you back.
Hank McCoy: No. Jekyll was afraid of what he could be capable of. 
Charles Xavier: And you are too.

Conforming? Holding you back? Afraid of what you are capable of?

Take a bit of time to think about that, folks. About CONFORMITY…trying to fit in.

What is it holding you back from? What might you be capable of accomplishing if you were not so afraid?

Yes, of course, this one has a definite parallel with my #neurodivergent audience…who too often MASK. Do their best to fit in. Be ‘normal’. At an exceedingly high cost to their mental and emotional health.

But, honestly, it is not just the #neurodivergent. Sometimes we are ALL more afraid of what we are capable of doing…success…than we are of failure.

I know that I have been.

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