18 Life Lessons for 2018 #5


Way back when I was the Preacher’s wife, our pastor had a saying…

That which you can tolerate, you will have to.

In other words, as long as you are willing to put up with bullshit, it will keep happening.

Sometimes that is friends or family in our lives…other times it is ‘the system’…

Yes, sometimes we don’t have control over what happens…but if it keeps happening over and over and over again to you…then in all likelihood you do have some level of control.

You just need to define how much and accept responsibility for it.

Whether that is cutting off friends or even family…whether that is changing your lifestyle rather than taking pills…whether that is changing jobs…or training for a new one…or starting a business…moving to a new house…or city/country.

Even when it seems that you have run out of options (I have been there)…you still have the choice to stop being a victim. To make the best of a bad situation.

That is what I did when my world fell apart and I realized I was stuck in London for several more years. Less than six months later, we were not in London anymore…because Fate and the goddess brought Cookie Monster into our lives.

Use whatever control you do have.

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