New Year Thoughts…

The past week and some since Christmas has been exceedingly quiet. Just Cookie Monster, PanKwake, and I. With the exception of a brief trip into town for some shopping and one Winter Wonderland adventure to combat the I’m Boreds, we have stayed home. We are working on two rooms at #HomeCrazzyHome. But for me, that week between Christmas and the New Year are always about REFLECTION and PLANNING.

Reflecting on the good things of the past year…and learning from some of the bad. And…

Planning for the year ahead – looking at the things that are most important to me. And setting goals around those.

So what was good in 2017…

  • Of course, we moved into #HomeCrazzyHome. Or we started to anyway.
  • My son JalerDasBirdz visited us.
  • I conquered the DLA (Disability Living Allowance) mountain for PanKwake – AGAIN. And I won’t need to climb that hurdle again until she is 16 and transfers to the adult version whatever that may be at the time.
  • Both PanKwake and I have made loads of wonderful friends here in Swansea.
  • And best of all…Cookie Monster and I are stronger than we were before.

When I look at all the things I did not get done…mostly to do with my writing. They don’t seem to matter as much as all those things.

But I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on the past. It is the future and the New Year that I focus upon. And this year, I am trying something different…I am actually setting out a couple of goals that are MORE important than the others. The ones that from the beginning I decide will get most of my efforts.

What are those, you ask?

  • My health…and that one gets a blog all its own…
  • #HomeCrazzyHome!
  • PanKwake’s YouTube dreams.

If I do nothing else than love Cookie and my children this year…those three things will be enough.

Like I said…we just began the move in 2017. Less than half of #HomeCrazzyHome is functional. BUT the major stuff like electricals, plastering, and my kitchen have been finished. Though all of the bathrooms need some attention…and we might not get to those this year.

Getting this place decorated and organized is not just about us. #HomeCrazzyHome is becoming a community all of its own. A place where people feel safe to be themselves. A place filled with love and laughter…not just for our family…but for a widening circle of friends too. Hers…mine…his…and ours. That is what a HOME should be.

Right now, we are working on two rooms at once…something we have not done before. I can’t wait for the playroom and sensory rooms to be functional…oh, and the music room too. The little humans are gonna love those places. I forgot the gymnastics room. And the backyard.

My dream is that that #HomeCrazzyHome community continue to grow stronger in 2018. That we build one another up, fill needs, and grow closer.

Then there is YouTube. This one has been my pane for years. Since PanKwake discovered StampyCat and ihasCupQuake three or four years ago, it has been nothing but…

I want to be a YouTuber when I grow up…

But that has been a stretch of my technology skills. It was one of my mostly unfulfilled goals of 2017…to learn YouTube…so I could enable PanKwake’s dream. I took a course…but it was not very useful. I got Jaler to help…but then YouTube took down its editing functions.

Last week, I was determined going into 2018 to find a video editing software that I could use. And I did. No, our videos are not ‘professional’ but they do have titles and credits…and I can now put the segments together into one video. So we are getting there. I even have three of the four YouTube channels up and operational…

PranKwake All of her pranks on us…sad thing is we don’t do this sh^t just for YouTube…that is our life, folks!

PanKwake Her thoughts on autism, society, schools, and pretty much life.

HomeCrazzyHome My thoughts on the same sh^t.

The one still to tackle is…gaming and MineCraft role play. I gotta learn how to combine two videos into one screen…and we gotta learn how to make those role play things.

As always…there is loads happening at #HomeCrazzyHome.

What is happening at your Crazzy home? What are your plans and goals for 2018?


4 responses to “New Year Thoughts…”

  1. Wow that is such a beautiful house! I love the positivity of this post 🙂

    1. Thanks…#HomeCrazzyHome is 150 years old this year. And it is in desperate need of lots of TLC. But when it is finished…it will be a wonderful place not just for us but our whole community…especially #neurodivergent families. To him whom much is given, much is expected.

      1. I so wish I was your neighbour right now, that sounds wonderful, a neurodivergent haven!

      2. That is the goal!

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